Replacement Rules

Replacement Disclosure for Your Hockey Sticks:
We at Your Hockey Sticks understand this is an investment you want to protect. So we are going to do everything we can to make it the best stick investment and easy choice to purchase from Your Hockey Sticks.

How we will work with you during your purchase…**

1) First Skate: We will replace your stick.
2) First 30 days we will give you 45% off the purchase price.
3) 60 days or less we will give you 20% off the purchase price.
4) 90 days or less we will give you 10% off the purchase price.

How will you qualify and get a replacement stick…

1) Registration once your Your Hockey Sticks arrives. (Within 48 hours after delivery)
2) Forward email to include date and time of first expected skate and serial number. This will register you for the First Skate program.
3) IF your stick does break at any time in the first 90 days you will take a clear photo the break with the serial number sticker placed next to the break in the broken stick and forward to with date of break (within 24 hours of break), serial number and ABHS will phone or email to contact you for stick replacement.
4) Your submission will be reviewed with your registration photo, serial number and a representative will call for shipping and discounted payment amount.
5) We will ship your qualified Your Hockey Sticks replacement or discounted stick

Your Hockey Sticks Management

** There are no other expressed or implied warranties or guarantees beyond those above. Breaking is the only terms for replacement. Shipping is at the cost of the recipient regardless of the timing of the time period and only 1 replacement per stick order.

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